Children Of Christ

Helping Children And Their Families

Mission Mission Statement

Provide Financial, Emotional and Spiritual assistance to Children and their families due to expenses related to medical and related issues

How we operate

We have established relationships with the local hospitals working with their social services dept. They will refer patients to us that can benefit from our services, thereby eliminating our need to qualify them.

How much support we give is based on a pre-established list of services and amounts. This list will be constantly updated based prior effectiveness and our current funding level.
We will provide financial assistance for:
Doctor Bills
Hospital Bills
Funeral services
-- More services will be added as funding allows.

We will also provide counseling and support to inform of other social services that can also help where our support is insufficient.

We only pay the service provider, never the patient directly.

Who can get services...

The original referral will come from the Hospital Social Services Department, based on the following criteria; The child must be under the age of 16 and household income is at least 10% below the average median income. Please do not call us directly as we will only refer you back to Hospital Social Services Department.